DETROIT DISCOUNT MOVERS: 5 Reasons You Should Move to Southfield,MI

There is a lot to consider when you are planning to move to a new state. You have to pay attention towards the business opportunities, taxes, real estate values and security. Southfield, MI is a cool town and there are many reasons why you should live here. Here are 5 good reasons why moving to Southfield, MI will be your best decision. 

1-Affordable Real Estate 

When it comes to real estate Southfield, MI has some of the best deals for you. 

For $5500 you can have 2690 square foot colonial with 4 bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms

All brick 3 bedroom colonial on 1412 square feet is available for $9000

You can even buy a mansion in Southfield, MI if you have $400K

If you have the desire to live in the Rittenhouse Square you will only have to pay $3K per month. 

The real estate comes with armed security personnel, high voltage electric fence and reinforced steel doors.
23:35September 10, 2017
2-Tax Incentives

In Southfield, MI you will get the tax abatement policy for about 12 years. It will help you maintain your company and the existing job. You can have to contact the specialists to find out if your business is eligible. At Southfield, MI every business is considered an opportunity to enhance the economy of the state and so they will always help you with your tax burdens.

3-Remarkable Job and Business Opportunities

There is almost 27 million square feet office space available in Southfield, MI. the retail and business space is over 7 million that is more than the business centres of USA. There are the head offices of several internationally recognized corporations, which will provide you many job opportunities. When your business is surrounded by such successful organizations it will have a positive effect on your



Chances of success

Surrounding yourself with successful corporations will open many new opportunities for your organization.

4-Perfect Vacation Spot

At a driving distance, you will come across several vacation spots in Southfield, MI. You will come across beautiful


National parks



Once you move to Southfield, MI you will not have to worry about hotels and restrooms. You can plan a trip to a new location every weekend and your kids will never get bored.  

5-Futuristic Transportation

In Southfield, MI you will come across a futuristic and big version of the model trains. Along with a 3-mile track, there are 13 stops. Even if you do not have a personal transportation, you will reach your destination within 15 minutes. The standpoints for the trains are at a walking distance and you can enjoy the beautiful walk from home to the train.

Bottom line

Once you move to Southfield, MI you will be more active in life and your weekly calendar will be always filled. It means you will not have wait for the vacations or occasions to go out and have fun with your family members.  

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Top Furniture Stores for the Online Shopper.

Moving Soon? Here is the Top 5 Furniture Stores Online

With everything a click away, shopping for one's favorite clothes or piece of furniture has become pretty easy these days. Thanks to the world of internet, the market trend now a day is changing as online shopping spree is taking over the globe. Because of the busy schedules and wild traffic jams, people avoid visiting the markets in person and so many find online shopping not only convenient but time saving as well.

Moving soon?

In a time when most people are unable to buy a two course meal for themselves, finding a home for one's self is a question of concern. But in the times of such difficulty and recession, there are people who change houses and find better living spaces for themselves. When it comes down to decorating your personal space with the best of furniture and items, people search for most discounted pieces with top quality and usually end up with disappointment.

Be it an online store or a shop in the market, everyone charges high for quality furniture. A sofa made from Basswood or a table of Cedar, stores charge for their craftsmanship and materials used and the better the design and quality, the higher you will have to pay for it. But of course not everyone out there can afford to buy furniture, which is a basic commodity at rocket high prices. Taking into consideration the high demand of quality at a price affordable for all, here are 5 online stores that sell the finest quality furniture at pretty low prices:

Talk about the chic designs and high quality then AICO furniture will definitely not disappoint you. Top quality pieces and serving every customer with sincerity, this online store brings the most discounted prices on home décor so that you can decorate your house with things that speak loud of your amazing taste and choice.

Another one of the best places to shop for your new home with the best customer service and decorative items of top quality at rates that are shockingly affordable then is surely the next stop for you. A place that is always offering amazing discounts on basic commodities, every person can enjoy shopping from this online store where the professionals are always ready to assist their customers so that they can get only the best of things for their beautiful homes.

Making next on the list of best online store is One way Furniture. Successfully making its online presence felt, this furniture store brings to its customers unbelievably spectacular furniture of top quality that will enhance the allure of your interiors for sure. And of course One way furniture specializes in serving customers belonging to various income groups so that everyone can enjoy purchasing high quality furniture according to their pockets.

Wayfair Furniture (  

Moving down the list, Wayfair Furniture comes next in the popular names. It is one shop that has it all from rustic pieces to the most modern and chic designed furniture. Those who are looking for big, vintage mirrors to the ones searching for minimalist designs of chairs, this online store brings to you the best variety of furniture and that too at the most discounted prices. Enjoy 70% discount everyday on your most liked items.

Overstock Furniture (

From the cozy armchairs to the stylish chairs in the dine-in area, when it's time to update the look of your house or move into a new space, Overstock furniture will give your house the best make over. This online store not only provides the best customer services, but the top quality furniture is available at most discounted prices which can be easily bought by the majority.


Moving into a new place and decorating it into a welcoming and warm house requires a lot of effort and time. With furniture, quality comes expensive but to make things easier for the majority around the globe, there are many online furniture stores that bring you home décor items not only at good prices but of quality that will make them last for a life time.

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GarageSaleIt!- 5 Benefits of Garage Sales.

The benefits of visiting a garage sale 
As the internet is taking over every field of life, the concept of garage sale is disappearing. A few years back adults and kids would join forces to start the moving sale and wait for people to come and buy the products they are selling. It would allow them to make some money, which they can use to fulfill their dreams. 

The moving sale is equally beneficial for the hosts and visitors. Here are some of the amazing benefits you will get by visiting the garage sale. 

1-Find unique treasure
You have been looking for an antique painting or rug for years. You might not find it online but there are 70% chances that you will get it on the moving sale. When people are ready to renovate their homes, they will put all the old items on the garage sale. It will increase your chance of finding the old painting. So all you have to do is find the best garage sale and get what you want. 

2-Scoring discounts
One of the biggest benefits you will enjoy in the moving sale is the discounts.
Once you have found the product you like you can start bargaining
Garage sale are the best place to learn how to negotiate
Most of the sales already have the products at a lower rate, which means you can enjoy the discounts. 

3-No waste
The moving sale is eco-friendly. When you buy the products from the moving sale, the discarded items will not reach the landfills. It means that there is no need to wait for them to decompose. It will protect the environment from the harmful effects of the items that have been manufactured with plastic or other dangerous materials. 

4-Meet new people
Moving sale is the best place to find new people. You will get the chance to meet your neighbors and people from different areas of the town who visit such sales to find the products they might want.
At the garage sale, you can make strong relations and build networks that might be useful for you in the future. Whether you have to buy new products or not make sure you visit the sales because you will enjoy your time with new people. 

5-Get outside 
Shopping is not interesting anymore because we often shop online or in the big malls. However, the garage sale provides us the chance to get outside and know what real shopping is like. Here you can find some new and old products and you make people happy by buying their items at the moving sale. 

Bottom line 
It is the time that you stop shopping online and find some good products in the moving sale. When you will buy some items from a child, you cannot imagine his happiness. It will give you the satisfaction you cannot get from anything else. So enjoy the garage sale and get the products at discounted rates for as long as you can. 

Here's an article on "Typical Things That You Need to Kick out Your Junky Garage" click here ➡ To view the complete article. 

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Tenant FOX-OPEN SECTION 8 LISTING (Nationwide)

Interested in Affordable housing?

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GarageSaleIT! Ann Arbor, Mi 7/10/17-7/20/17

Start of Sale*:07/10/2017 08:00 AM
End of Sale:07/20/2017 05:00 PM
Address:4206 Packard Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48108
United States
Best Deal Photo:IMG_1738.JPG
Lowest Selling Price*:$123456.00
/Details of Your Sale.:Moving out of state, so all items must go. Descriptions and pictures below w/ price for each. I will consider deals if more than one item purchased at a time.

Faux leather desk chair: Sturdy, used infrequently. Compare at $95. Priced at $35 obo.

Solid wood shabby chic kitchen table: chalk painted, perfect for seating four. Compare at $250. Priced at $100 obo. 

Vanity (can double as a small desk): I love this piece. Sizable drawers, a pop up mirror, a middle working station and top storage ledges. There is also an upholstered bench included. Compare at $143. Priced at $95 obo.

Modern sleeper sofa: Only used 2-3 times. Gray modern sofa that folds down into a bed, large enough for two. The sofa doesn't look or feel like a traditional bulky sleeper sofa. Great for guests or to lounge on as an actual couch. I will include the pillows if desired. Compare at $400. Priced at $325 obo.

Jumbo Sterilite tote w/ handles: 39 gallon. I love this for storing all of my bedding/curtains/etc. However, it will be too large for the tiny apartment I'll be moving into! Pic below is similar to mine, but the handles are green and lock in place.

Salad spinner: best offer.

Microwave popcorn popper: Such a clever invention. Throw your kernels and some oil in the container, put it in the microwave, and minutes later you have popcorn! Best offer.

Microwave: In good working condition. Best offer.

Large Crockpot: In good condition. I accidentally put the lid too close to a heat source and it disfigured the plastic nob slightly. Otherwise, in perfect condition and working order. Best offer.
Sale User Name :5

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Start a new phase of your life in Tennessee

A landlocked state of America, with capital Nashville, Tennessee is famous for its strong musical heritage. It is home to many famous celebrities and has some great food to offer. Covered with beautiful mountain ranges and a number of national parks, this wonderful state is just the perfect place to start the new phase of your life.

If you love music and exploring the heights of mountains through hiking, than Tennessee is the place you should be spending the rest of your life in. with finger licking, delicious food and warm people, this state has everything you could ask for to make your life happier, comfortable and interesting.

Here are a few reasons why you should pack bags right away and go start living in Tennessee:

Low cost of living
What can be better than having to pay less house rent and be able to save something for your future? Tennessee is one of the states in America that has the lowest cost of living. Even if you earn a few hundred dollars a month, you can easily find a house to live in and provide a good hearty meal to your family twice a day.

Nature at its best
A place covered with beautiful mountain peaks and lush green trees, this state is probably one of the healthiest places to live in. Fresh air to breathe in and scenic beauty to enjoy, you will be able to lead a happy and stress free life. Sometimes you just need a way out of the cities noise and pollution to a place with serenity and calmness. This is what Tennessee has to offer you that will just make you fall in love with the place.

Enjoy all the seasons
Every season brings something wonderful with it. The blooming flowers in spring to the chilling nights in winter, this state welcomes all the four season every year. From summer to spring, you can very well enjoy all the four seasons and the surprises that they bring along.

For the love of music
Watching and listening to Taylor Swift in a live concert, what more can you ask for? Not only is it a home to many celebrities but the best place to enjoy live music. Rich in musical heritage, you can enjoy all sorts of music here from a funky pops numbers to heavy metals.

Stay in shape
With all the lovely parks present at every nook and corner, you can enjoy morning walks or simply take your kids for some swings. Tennessee is the best place for spending quality time with your family and stay fit with parks that are easily accessible.

Great food
If you are a food lover than definitely is the only place you would want to live in. it offers a great variety of food and that are packed with bursting flavors.

From nature lovers to food experimenters, Tennessee is the only place that not has the lowest cost of living but some fantastic places to enjoy as well. Pack your bags now and go start you new chapter of life in this wonderful state.

Want to move to or in TENNESSEE

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Macomb County MOVERS & SHAKERS

Bay Coin Laundry

New Baltimore
Shirt laundering
Drop-off laundry

Up-Top Hair Designs
Chanela 313-457-3186
Alsenior 586-747-9413
Natural Hair

Hamilton Lawn Care
Lawn Maintenance
Professional Diagonal Cuts
Spring clean ups

Chili Peppers Tanning
Facebook: Chili Peppers Tanning New Baltimore
No Generic Solutions

KG Auto Marine
Greg 586-876-4658
Austin 586-876-6773
Vinyl Graphics

Bounce House
Children Play Place
St Clair Shores 586-778-8070
New Baltimore 586-725-1334

Black Fyre
Hookah Lounge

Pure Romance
Pam Shank

Connect Nutrition
Rachel Cook
Fit Camps
Herbalife Nutrition

Wizard of Ahhs
Massage & Bodywork
Into offer $39.95

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Macomb County 

dry cleaners



Pure romance


Bounce house


Hair stylist

Lawn care


The list of companies that give senior discounts in 2017

There are always special deals and discounts for the senior citizens that are 50 or above. The best thing is that no membership is required for such discounts. However, most of the people do not know about them because they are not advertised by the organizations. So here, we have the list of companies that give special senior citizen discounts.

At the senior age of 60 or above, you can enjoy 10 percent discount on everything.

2-Burger king 
In the case of Burger King, there are some stores that give discounts and others do not. However, citizens above the age of 60 will get a 10 percent discounts on the meals they order as well as there are special discounts on soft drinks and coffee.

They have been awarding 10 percent discount to the people above the age of 55. However, in case you are an AARP member, you can enjoy 20 percent. However, these values now vary because of the owners have made their own decisions regarding the discounts.

4-Dunkin' Donut 
Here you will get 10 percent discount if you are at the age of 55 or above. On the other hand, when you buy coffee you will get a free donut.

At KFC you can enjoy a small meal with a drink if you are 55 or above. However, there are reports that some of them have been providing this facility and other are not.

They have been awarding 10 percent discount to the citizens who are more than 60 years. However, there have been incidents where the owners denied the discounts when they were not informed or because of the special terms and conditions regarding the franchise.   

7-Alaska Airways 
Alaska Airlines have the following discount options:
They have been providing 10 percent discount for the people with the age of 65 or above
It has been reported that the discounts are now 50 percent
It is important that you call and ask before finalizing your tickets.

8-American Airlines 
They have several discount deals for the citizens with the age of 62 or above. During the no-peak period, most of the discounts will reach up to 50 percent. Some of the fees are unknown so make sure that you call the customer services before finalizing your booking.

For the AARP members, they have 30 percent discount. It is better that you first check the price of the products and the other discounts that you might get. If there is nothing then show your AARP card.

Sears and Wal-Mart are the perfect places to get the discounts however, some stores are not very reliable in the case of discounts. 
So make sure that you get all the deals and discounts that are available according to your age.

In case that you are in touch with other senior citizens make sure to let them know as well because they might be paying the full amount on the products that have special discounts. 

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HD salon 
21700 Greenfield plaza ste#131
$65 wash, retwist, style(free line up)

Uncle Cecil's BBQ(10am-2am)
Greek, Soulfood, Middle Eastern, Italian
Lunch$5.99 Dinner$10.50
Free delivery (877)721-4736

T Mobile
Store 8748
Greenfield & 10 mile rd
24830 Greenfield rd
Oak Park Mi 48237 
(Business account call MarTavius S.(248 968-4472)

A la Mode Couture 
Shoe & Accessories
21700 Greenfield rd Ste 103 (Greenfield plaza)
(248) 796 7671
(313) 996 9367

NYA Brickhouse boutique
26060 Greenfield rd, oak park mi 48237
Plus size clothing, Custom t shirts

Sandler Chiropractic
15400 Lincoln, Suite#3
Oak Park, Mi 48237
(248) 968-2829
Make appointment for chiropractic

Ming Styles at NVME Boutique
25140 Lasher rd Suite 212
Southfield Mi 48034
(248) 579 8925
Specialize in custom made clothes for women

> Piece of cake cafe 
> 21700 Greenfield rd. Suite #100 oak park Mi 48237
> Organic pastries & ice cream
> Offers professional catering
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> Or fill out a form at:

5 good things about DIVORCE.

Life after a DIVORCE

What does not kill you will eventually make you stronger. It does not matter how much you loved your spouse, once you are divorced, you will understand that people never die for each other. We understand that moving on after divorce is one of the most heart-breaking things.

However, if you will consider it as a new beginning then your life after divorce will be amazing. Here are a few positive aspects of the divorce.

1-Free time 
Your free time will be all yours. It means that you will not have to deal with an upset spouse. If you want to sleep you can sleep no one will force you to stay up. The perks of life after Divorce is that you can have all the time to yourself. Watch movies, go out with a friend or enjoy a cup of coffee with a book. You can do anything that you want.

2-Confidence booster 
Most of the people do not expect Divorce to be a confidence booster but in reality, it will completely change your personality. We are not saying that you will instantly move on. However, there would be stages when you will fall apart and have to deal with all the negativity. Nevertheless, eventually, when you will start to build your life it would be a great and new beginning. You will be proud of your life.

3-Full Custody 
If you have the sources, you will get the full custody of your children.
You will get a chance to raise your children in the best way
No one will be able to criticize your way of dealing with the kids
You will get the chance to make best memories with your children
It will give the peace of mind and joy that you were with your child on every special moment

4-No more in-laws 
One of the biggest improvements that you will get in your life after Divorce is that you will not have to deal with the in-laws anymore. There is no need to attend the special family gathering when you just want to sleep. There would be no more obligations and responsibilities that you have to deal with.

5-Be yourself 
Moving on after Divorce make you understand that both of you were good people that were not for each other. You will be able to laugh and smile again. There would be no need to feel guilty about anything. You can make as many changes in your life as you want without any interruptions.

It might sound funny but the perks of being single are that you will get the complete bed to yourself. You can lay on any side you want. No one will disturb you while you are watching the movie.

So it's time for the new beginning. It might be hard at first but you have to understand that you deserve better and your life after Divorce will turn out to be perfect. It would be your chance to rediscover yourself. 


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FREE DIAPERS - Macomb & Oakland Counties

Resources for Michigan Mothers

Powered by M.O.M
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Free diapers for Mothers in need!

Free diapers
Single mothers
Resources for mothers
Michigan mothers
Michigan resources
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Maternal Outreach of Michigan

Tenant FOX- Carriage Hills Manor- East Lansing, MI

Property Name:
Carriage Hills Manor
Property web site:
Contact Information/Property Contact:Dave Hoyt, Owner
Carriage Hills Manor 
Property Management Company (517) 337-0700 Office 
(517) 331-1200 Cell
Contact Information/Property Location:6150 Birch Row Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823
Move-In Details/Move-In Requirements:$1500.00 - Security Deposit
$1000.00 - Monthly Rent


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