The list of companies that give senior discounts in 2017

There are always special deals and discounts for the senior citizens that are 50 or above. The best thing is that no membership is required for such discounts. However, most of the people do not know about them because they are not advertised by the organizations. So here, we have the list of companies that give special senior citizen discounts.

At the senior age of 60 or above, you can enjoy 10 percent discount on everything.

2-Burger king 
In the case of Burger King, there are some stores that give discounts and others do not. However, citizens above the age of 60 will get a 10 percent discounts on the meals they order as well as there are special discounts on soft drinks and coffee.

They have been awarding 10 percent discount to the people above the age of 55. However, in case you are an AARP member, you can enjoy 20 percent. However, these values now vary because of the owners have made their own decisions regarding the discounts.

4-Dunkin' Donut 
Here you will get 10 percent discount if you are at the age of 55 or above. On the other hand, when you buy coffee you will get a free donut.

At KFC you can enjoy a small meal with a drink if you are 55 or above. However, there are reports that some of them have been providing this facility and other are not.

They have been awarding 10 percent discount to the citizens who are more than 60 years. However, there have been incidents where the owners denied the discounts when they were not informed or because of the special terms and conditions regarding the franchise.   

7-Alaska Airways 
Alaska Airlines have the following discount options:
They have been providing 10 percent discount for the people with the age of 65 or above
It has been reported that the discounts are now 50 percent
It is important that you call and ask before finalizing your tickets.

8-American Airlines 
They have several discount deals for the citizens with the age of 62 or above. During the no-peak period, most of the discounts will reach up to 50 percent. Some of the fees are unknown so make sure that you call the customer services before finalizing your booking.

For the AARP members, they have 30 percent discount. It is better that you first check the price of the products and the other discounts that you might get. If there is nothing then show your AARP card.

Sears and Wal-Mart are the perfect places to get the discounts however, some stores are not very reliable in the case of discounts. 
So make sure that you get all the deals and discounts that are available according to your age.

In case that you are in touch with other senior citizens make sure to let them know as well because they might be paying the full amount on the products that have special discounts. 

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