DETROIT DISCOUNT MOVERS: 5 Reasons You Should Move to Southfield,MI

There is a lot to consider when you are planning to move to a new state. You have to pay attention towards the business opportunities, taxes, real estate values and security. Southfield, MI is a cool town and there are many reasons why you should live here. Here are 5 good reasons why moving to Southfield, MI will be your best decision. 

1-Affordable Real Estate 

When it comes to real estate Southfield, MI has some of the best deals for you. 

For $5500 you can have 2690 square foot colonial with 4 bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms

All brick 3 bedroom colonial on 1412 square feet is available for $9000

You can even buy a mansion in Southfield, MI if you have $400K

If you have the desire to live in the Rittenhouse Square you will only have to pay $3K per month. 

The real estate comes with armed security personnel, high voltage electric fence and reinforced steel doors.
23:35September 10, 2017
2-Tax Incentives

In Southfield, MI you will get the tax abatement policy for about 12 years. It will help you maintain your company and the existing job. You can have to contact the specialists to find out if your business is eligible. At Southfield, MI every business is considered an opportunity to enhance the economy of the state and so they will always help you with your tax burdens.

3-Remarkable Job and Business Opportunities

There is almost 27 million square feet office space available in Southfield, MI. the retail and business space is over 7 million that is more than the business centres of USA. There are the head offices of several internationally recognized corporations, which will provide you many job opportunities. When your business is surrounded by such successful organizations it will have a positive effect on your



Chances of success

Surrounding yourself with successful corporations will open many new opportunities for your organization.

4-Perfect Vacation Spot

At a driving distance, you will come across several vacation spots in Southfield, MI. You will come across beautiful


National parks



Once you move to Southfield, MI you will not have to worry about hotels and restrooms. You can plan a trip to a new location every weekend and your kids will never get bored.  

5-Futuristic Transportation

In Southfield, MI you will come across a futuristic and big version of the model trains. Along with a 3-mile track, there are 13 stops. Even if you do not have a personal transportation, you will reach your destination within 15 minutes. The standpoints for the trains are at a walking distance and you can enjoy the beautiful walk from home to the train.

Bottom line

Once you move to Southfield, MI you will be more active in life and your weekly calendar will be always filled. It means you will not have wait for the vacations or occasions to go out and have fun with your family members.  

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Top Furniture Stores for the Online Shopper.

Moving Soon? Here is the Top 5 Furniture Stores Online

With everything a click away, shopping for one's favorite clothes or piece of furniture has become pretty easy these days. Thanks to the world of internet, the market trend now a day is changing as online shopping spree is taking over the globe. Because of the busy schedules and wild traffic jams, people avoid visiting the markets in person and so many find online shopping not only convenient but time saving as well.

Moving soon?

In a time when most people are unable to buy a two course meal for themselves, finding a home for one's self is a question of concern. But in the times of such difficulty and recession, there are people who change houses and find better living spaces for themselves. When it comes down to decorating your personal space with the best of furniture and items, people search for most discounted pieces with top quality and usually end up with disappointment.

Be it an online store or a shop in the market, everyone charges high for quality furniture. A sofa made from Basswood or a table of Cedar, stores charge for their craftsmanship and materials used and the better the design and quality, the higher you will have to pay for it. But of course not everyone out there can afford to buy furniture, which is a basic commodity at rocket high prices. Taking into consideration the high demand of quality at a price affordable for all, here are 5 online stores that sell the finest quality furniture at pretty low prices:

Talk about the chic designs and high quality then AICO furniture will definitely not disappoint you. Top quality pieces and serving every customer with sincerity, this online store brings the most discounted prices on home décor so that you can decorate your house with things that speak loud of your amazing taste and choice.

Another one of the best places to shop for your new home with the best customer service and decorative items of top quality at rates that are shockingly affordable then is surely the next stop for you. A place that is always offering amazing discounts on basic commodities, every person can enjoy shopping from this online store where the professionals are always ready to assist their customers so that they can get only the best of things for their beautiful homes.

Making next on the list of best online store is One way Furniture. Successfully making its online presence felt, this furniture store brings to its customers unbelievably spectacular furniture of top quality that will enhance the allure of your interiors for sure. And of course One way furniture specializes in serving customers belonging to various income groups so that everyone can enjoy purchasing high quality furniture according to their pockets.

Wayfair Furniture (  

Moving down the list, Wayfair Furniture comes next in the popular names. It is one shop that has it all from rustic pieces to the most modern and chic designed furniture. Those who are looking for big, vintage mirrors to the ones searching for minimalist designs of chairs, this online store brings to you the best variety of furniture and that too at the most discounted prices. Enjoy 70% discount everyday on your most liked items.

Overstock Furniture (

From the cozy armchairs to the stylish chairs in the dine-in area, when it's time to update the look of your house or move into a new space, Overstock furniture will give your house the best make over. This online store not only provides the best customer services, but the top quality furniture is available at most discounted prices which can be easily bought by the majority.


Moving into a new place and decorating it into a welcoming and warm house requires a lot of effort and time. With furniture, quality comes expensive but to make things easier for the majority around the globe, there are many online furniture stores that bring you home décor items not only at good prices but of quality that will make them last for a life time.

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