Joe of Detroit says that WE MOVE YOU WIN were "VERY GOOD AND RELIABLE." From the bottom of our hearts would like to thank you Joe and your family for choosing us as your favorite movers.

Venkat of Canton says that our movers " Chris and Rich done an excellent job THANKS!!! " Would like to thank you and your family Vankat for choosing us not once but twice for your moving needs. Assuring that our prices and customer service is superior.

Tirumalasetti of Farmington speaks highly of the WE MOVE YOU WIN! and says our services were " VERY GOOD." We appreciate the business that you and your relatives have shared with us. We also appreciate the joy that our prizes have given you. Enjoy!!!

Chris of Ohio was greatly satisfied with our services. And we were happy to service his move.

Shauntia of Redford, Mi says " Ultimately the job got done and Iam happy with my choice :) Thanks the 2nd time"

The WE MOVE YOU WIN staff really appreciates you Ms. Shauntia for choosing us over the masses of movers. Your easy going attitude and flexibility made it possible for us to perform in superior fashion even with the weather restrictions. Thank you! You are our hero!

Amanda of Winter Springs, Fl says "BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Very professional, polite communicative. Very good to work with & highly recommended! Fast and efficient"

Our staff would like to thank Amanda for all the great compliments.Your move was handled well by both parties even through out the confusion. but...The WE MOVE YOU WIN team pulled it out and keep our satisfying reputation. Amanda if it wasn't for you we couldn't have did it! We are only a stellar company because of our stellar clients like yourself ...THANK YOU!