The state of Michigan has been very helpful in providing assistance and resources for its single mother who are struggling to raise their children in the state. Raising kids as a mom is a lot of work on its own and being a single parent is quite a struggle because there are a lot of bills to be catered for, ranging from health bills to educational bills and so on. So it’s quite a relieve that the state is trying to help these mothers at their various points of need. There are various programs set out to help these single mothers, some of them include;

Food assistance

The need for food cannot be over emphasized, it is a necessity in every human life and most especially in children because it helps them grow strong and help to fight some illness. As a single mother providing a healthy meal for the children means buying fresh food which includes fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, fish and things like that. This is a lot of work because getting this food items fresh would imply that you pay more and this may be too expensive for a mother with a tight budget. This is where the government comes in, there are some means of getting aid for the family that have been set out by the state. Some of those options would include SNAP which means Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This gives you the chance to get foodstuffs from some stores which have been designated by the state with the use of an electronic swipe card. Another source of help in getting important food is the Women, Infant and Children (WIC). It is particularly for pregnant women, those mothers who are breast feeding or who has a child that is below the age of 5. Other advantages of the WIC include providing education on nutrition, free screening and providing health care references to these mothers.

Healthcare assistance

It is of high importance to take good care of children’s health especially at their young age, and having little kids means that once in a while you tend to have a serious reason to take the child for checkups and hospital care. These checkups may range from vaccination to dental care or even eye related issues. All this has to be paid for, these proper healthcare routine are quite expensive for single mothers to handle, but there is no need for worries because Michigan has programs like Medicaid and Michild set in place to help you mothers. These programs largely provided for the poorest of people who mostly include children who are below the age of 19 and are uninsured, pregnant women, old and aged and even the disabled.

Educational assistance

Education is known as a treasure that lasts the test of time and it helps the young minds and even the elderly grow in knowledge. So it’s no surprise that mothers want their children to go to college, and when they are through they can get a good life. Even some mothers want to go back to college to be able to get that degree that can give them the financial stability which they need. This may be a huge step to take when you do not have the funds to support yourself. It is great to let you know that there are lots of loans, scholarships, and grants which are provided for single mothers to take advantage of. Some professional courses like engineering may have some special grants programs put in place. A website that can be checked for these scholarships or grants is the FAFSA website which means Free Application for Federal Aid. Michigan head start is also an educational program set aside to give comprehensive education to children of ages 3 to 5 who are in preschool.

Housing assistance

Housing is one of the three essentials of life, and for a single mother with children finding the right house is some troubles because having a suitable house means having a good amount of money to pay for rent. With the tight budget of these women this dream is almost impossible. The HUD which means Housing and Urban Development tries to give assistance to these mothers by giving them rent assistance or finding a suitable house for them. The HUD have brought up some programs to assist in the housing issue, the section 8 voucher program and public housing are some of these programs to that effect. Also the state of Michigan has a low interest loan for mortgages.

Transport aid.

Movement is a necessity and a means of transportation makes this movement a lot easier, but having a car and taking care of it may turn out to be too expensive for a single mother. The state has reliable and steady public transport system which provides services to the towns, city and even the rural areas. So this helps to reduce the cost of transportation and running a car.

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