We sincerely apologize for any and all damages that may have happen. Our #1 policy is to put you first!Now even though your moving with a professional service damages may still occur.
Below are step by step instructions on how to resolve a damage by the WE MOVE YOU WIN staff.

1. You have 30 calender days to make a claim.
2. Re read your ON SITE TERMS AND CONTRACT form to view our coverage rates and to see if the moving staff assigned to you are liable.
3. If so, please provide us with the following:
-Several pictures of damages with a ruler present to display size. ( view pic below )
-The manufacturer information including company,address, and serial number
-The original receipt for the item(s) damaged

Our claim process usually is resolved in 10-14 business days.
We will give our 1000% to resolve this matter at hand.