TaX-Mas Refunds: Pros over Software?

"✨Tax Software vs. Tax Professionals"

Written by Victoria King

🎁A common misnomer in the marketplace is that anyone can prepare an income tax return because they went to the store and bought a software package.

Although many of the software packages available today are
good, they cannot possibly replace the knowledge and education of a professional tax preparer.

Consider some of the following:

Can a software application ask you:
• About your children, their schooling or tuition?
• About your rent, education or property taxes you are paying?
• About your health status and what allowable medical expenses you may have?

Can a software application counsel you on:
• The best way to utilize allowable deductions
• Capital Gains implications of selling a home or other real estate?
• Upcoming changes in legislation that could effect your personal tax situation
• Starting a home based business or how to make the best use of business deductions
• Credits and deductions you may have missed in prior years

There is no doubt that a Professional Tax Preparer will charge you more than the software costs, but consider this:

A.) An individual purchases a software application to do their taxes for $30.00 or even FREE..
The individual is thrilled to get a refund of $300
Net Refund $270

😎 The same individual takes their tax return to Tax Professional and pays $175.00
The individual is ecstatic to get a refund of $1500.
Net Refund $1,325

Where is the better result?

This may not be true in every case, however do you want to risk being the person who missed out on a greater tax benefit by exchanging a fee for value?

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