5 Reasons You Should Move to Southfield,MI

There is a lot to consider when you are planning to move to a new state. You have to pay attention towards the business opportunities, taxes, real estate values and security. Southfield, MI is a cool town and there are many reasons why you should live here. Here are 5 good reasons why moving to Southfield, MI will be your best decision. 

1-Affordable Real Estate 

When it comes to real estate Southfield, MI has some of the best deals for you. 

For $5500 you can have 2690 square foot colonial with 4 bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms

All brick 3 bedroom colonial on 1412 square feet is available for $9000

You can even buy a mansion in Southfield, MI if you have $400K

If you have the desire to live in the Rittenhouse Square you will only have to pay $3K per month. 

The real estate comes with armed security personnel, high voltage electric fence and reinforced steel doors.
23:35September 10, 2017
2-Tax Incentives

In Southfield, MI you will get the tax abatement policy for about 12 years. It will help you maintain your company and the existing job. You can have to contact the specialists to find out if your business is eligible. At Southfield, MI every business is considered an opportunity to enhance the economy of the state and so they will always help you with your tax burdens.

3-Remarkable Job and Business Opportunities

There is almost 27 million square feet office space available in Southfield, MI. the retail and business space is over 7 million that is more than the business centres of USA. There are the head offices of several internationally recognized corporations, which will provide you many job opportunities. When your business is surrounded by such successful organizations it will have a positive effect on your



Chances of success

Surrounding yourself with successful corporations will open many new opportunities for your organization.

4-Perfect Vacation Spot

At a driving distance, you will come across several vacation spots in Southfield, MI. You will come across beautiful


National parks



Once you move to Southfield, MI you will not have to worry about hotels and restrooms. You can plan a trip to a new location every weekend and your kids will never get bored.  

5-Futuristic Transportation

In Southfield, MI you will come across a futuristic and big version of the model trains. Along with a 3-mile track, there are 13 stops. Even if you do not have a personal transportation, you will reach your destination within 15 minutes. The standpoints for the trains are at a walking distance and you can enjoy the beautiful walk from home to the train.

Bottom line

Once you move to Southfield, MI you will be more active in life and your weekly calendar will be always filled. It means you will not have wait for the vacations or occasions to go out and have fun with your family members.  
23:36September 10, 2017

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