Game Time Tv Mounting: 3 Reasons to Mount your T.V.

3 Benefits of Mounting Your

Flat Screen TV

📺Hanging your Flat Screen can add style and room to most entertainment zones. Getting a wall mount installed for your new Smart Tv can make your streaming more cozy, as it gives you a Movie Theater experience in the comfort of your home. Mounting your television comes with various benefits, and through the following we should have covered a few reasons you should contact our Certified Wall Mount Installers today.

Prevent Neck and Eye Strain
📺Mounting your TV can take strains off your neck and eyes. A mounted television is always easier to view, and with Omni Mounts you can move your screen to your comfort. Being able to move your Tv can really enhance the pleasure of your latest binge worthy series, and with an elevated screen you can watch without waist level distractions. Have you ever had to look over someone or something in order to catch the game or miss an important part on your favorite show because of the Tv Height? Just another reason to do your eyes and neck a favor and consider taking your Tv from waist side to wall side.

Create Extra Space in Your Home
📺In most situations the saying "less is more" can be viewed valid. You might have a very luxurious and attractive table for it in your home, but that is going to secure so much space. Excessive tables and stands can clog any room and kill the living in it. A Nice 55" T.v. displayed on the wall can save a lot of space, and can also save your pinky toe from those treacherous table corners.

Protects it From Damage
📺Mounting your Television can also be safe for the T.V. ,especially if you have children. With the screen being elevated it limits the dirt or damage that could happen at a lower level. Smart Tv's are very delicate, and can be broken very easily.

📺Flat screen Televisions are a common piece to most households & they contribute so many benefits to you and in your home. Laughs, loves, & unity can all come from around a TV. Mounting your Smart Tv comes with plenty of additional benefits. Creating additional space in your home or saving money by removing the need for a table or two. The elevated placement helps in preventing any neck or eye strain. Most importantly it keeps it safe from damage caused by children or any other thing while being placed on a lower level. Mounting can be a smart investment for your Smart Tv.

📺If you are thinking about how to mount a flat-screen and would like to take the DIY route please feel free to fill out a quote form below for tips from the pros at

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