7 Items You SHOULD NOT Put in Storage

There comes a time where we all have to move. Perhaps you are planning to move into a new house and need storage during the transitional period. Most of the times we move because of our decisions to live in a new part of town, 
or natural occurrences. Moving your house can be one of the most stressful things you ever do, unless you have professional help and advice. The primary focus with your next storage situation is to make the best of  packing time and to maximize your storage. 

Making the best preparation for items to pack into your storage can make a huge difference in the time and space occupied during this process. Take a walk through your house and 
evaluate everything. From things like treadmills, kitchen wares, to furniture, and boxes, stop and ask yourself, "how often have 
I used this and how important is this to my new environment?"A rule of thumb is to only 
carry along items you couldn't live without, and purge the unnecessary  objects. Purge unneeded items by having a garage sale and make a few bucks to add to moving expenses.  

Secondly, assess your new storage area, and make sure you have the correct size for your inventory. The benefits of having professional help is that the expert crew will be more accurate when it comes to size.Most items can be placed in the storage with little preparations and be fine. While some items
need careful planning and consideration, and others should never be kept inside a stoarge at all.

Here are some items that you should not pack into your new storage .

1.)Hazardous, explosive and inflammable items such as oil, gas, chemical or paint should not be 
packed in your new storage. Due to their combustible makeup, these items will  respond 
to an adverse increase in temperature by causing a fire outbreak within their storage unit. If you are 
storing chemicals research and make sure they are not hazardous in any way. 

2.)Fragile items such as electronics, breakables and ornaments shoud be packed in their original cartons 
or sturdy boxes with sufficient bubble wrap or padding in between depending on the item.

Always try to avoid 
putting heavy items on fragile ones.

3.)Medical and pharmaceutical supplies: these items should not be packed in your new storage
facility as they can mildew and begin to grow molds and become unfit for consumption

4.) Avoid packing fireworks and lightening decorations as this will also be possible items for starting 
a fire outbreak within the storage facility. If you must pack lightening decorations make adequate 
preparations and space for them. 

5.)Avoid packing valuable items in your new storage and find other more secure and reliable means of 
safe guarding these items from theft and possible lost. Consider a safe deposit box at your local bank.

6.)Perishable foods seem obvious to not store as they go bad within a short period of time. Foods also attract vermin and other 
insects which will soon  bug the additional items in your unit. 

7.) Live storage is illegal and shouldn't be encouraged. You can't store yourself or live in a 
storage area. You definitely can't store your pets in the facility neither.

In conclusion, we have discovered possible items we should not pack into our new storage. Where we realize that taking inventory as well as getting prepared is the key. Check with your local storage facilities for an in depth description of the things that are not allowed for storage.

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