Picture / Frame Moving Boxes

41” x 6” x 26.5” (Length x Width x Height)

Professional Size And Strength Picture Boxes.Great For Large Pictures & Mirrors.Perfect For Packing Large Thin Items.Use large picture boxes to protect pictures or mirrors from 27" to 40" in length.  This Picture Box for moving pictures is designed to protect valuable and fragile items like mirrors and pictures.  Used by professional movers nationwide, the Picture / Mirror Box is a must have for every mover.Moving Help Tips - Picture / Frame / Mirror Moving Boxes

Using the right Picture / Frame Boxes
Our Picture / Frame / Mirror Boxes are moving box specifically designed for packing hanging pictures and mirrors. By itself, the picture Mirror Box is large enough to fit and protect most wall art, or the Picture Mirror Box can be telescoped to fit larger pieces. The sides of the Picture Mirror Box can be cut using a box knife to allow for packing framed mirrors or pictures that are deep due to oversized frames. By using large mirror picture boxes, you often can pack and protect multiple smaller art pieces in the same box saving money and time.

Items Needed to pack Boxes for Pictures

Bubble Wrap or Packing PaperMoving BlanketsPacking TapePicture / Mirror boxes are ideal when you need to package framed piece of wall art. If the frame on the artwork is really large, buy enough boxes to actually create a large enough box to allow 2" of packing space around all four sides of the frame. Wrap the framed artwork in a moving blanket or for smaller pieces use bubble wrap. You can use packing tape or stretch wrap film to secure pads and bubble wrap while pieces of artwork are inside boxes. Protect all the corners of the frame from damage when the box gets moved around during shipping by using extra bubble wrap or packing paper. Place some packing paper or additional bubble wrap inside the bottom, top and sides of the picture mirror box to create a cushion for the artwork. Place artwork or mirror on top of a layer of packing material inside the picture mirror box and fill voids on the sides and top with additional cushion packing material. A secure tight fit will ensure that artwork does not shift while in the artwork boxes. Tape and secure the entire box by completely. Add packing tape to the edges of the picture mirror box for extra protection.

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